siMBa - A simple GUI for MrBayes.

Here, we are presenting siMBa (simple MrBayes), a graphical user interface for the phylogenetic analysis software, MrBayes.

Links for different versions of siMBa are as follows:

 Windows 64 bit

 Macintosh 64 bit

 Fedora and Ubuntu like systems 64 bit

 Fedora and Ubuntu like systems 32 bit

 Scientific Linux and CestOS like systems 64 bit

If you are using this software for your publication, please cite:
Mishra B, Thines M (2014) siMBa—a simple graphical user interface for the Bayesian phylogenetic inference program MrBayes. Mycological Progress 13:1255–1258

You should also cite the MrBayes papers: 
Huelsenbeck JP, Ronquist F (2001) MRBAYES: Bayesian inference of phylogenetic trees. Bioinformatics 17:754–755.
Ronquist, F. and J. P. Huelsenbeck. 2003. MRBAYES 3: Bayesian phylogenetic inference under mixed models. Bioinformatics 19:1572-1574.

LOEWE Development of this software has been funded by the LOEWE program of the government of Hesse in the framework of the Biodiversity and Climate Research Centre (BiK-F) and Integrative Fungal Research Cluster (IPF).